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嘉宾:Blin Metaverse CMO John McCarthy




淘金时代小淘淘:  欢迎 Blin Metaverse的CMO John McCarthy做客淘金大咖谈为大家进行分享。

翻译: Welcome to Blin Metaverse's CMO John McCarthy as a guest in the Dream Factory to share with you.

John mccarthy@blin: Hi everyone

淘金时代小淘淘:  欢迎John,欢迎来到淘金大咖谈

John mccarthy@blin: I’m John McCarthy, the CMO of Blin Metaverse, and a global community contributor to Blin Metaverse.

翻译: 我是 Blin Metaverse 的 CMO John McCarthy,也是 Blin Metaverse 的全球社区贡献者。

淘金时代小淘淘:  首先请john介绍下Blin Metaverse.

翻译:  First, please introduce Blin Metaverse to John.

John mccarthy@blin: Blin Metaverse is a decentralized, integrated NFT infrastructure based on the coin-security smart chain BSC.

翻译: Blin Metaverse 是一个基于币安智能链 BSC 的去中心化、集成 NFT 基础设施。

John mccarthy@blin:  Our Partner GAME CONTINENT, is an internationally renowned gaming company, and one of our key sponsors

翻译:  我们的合作伙伴游戏大陆,是一家国际知名的游戏公司,也是我们的主要赞助商之一。

John mccarthy@blin: And one of our key sponsors, they have pioneered the creation of a chain-game equipment trading platform, to realize the real value and rights of game assets.

翻译:  而我们的主要赞助商之一,他们率先创建了一个连锁游戏设备交易平台,以实现游戏资产的真正价值和权利。

John mccarthy@blin:  This preemptive layout of the Metaverse demonstrate once again our unique strategic vision.

翻译: 这种抢先布局的元宇宙再次证明了我们独特的战略眼光。

John mccarthy@blin:  GAME CONTINENT develops a unique game equipment trading platform.

翻译: 游戏大陆开发了一个独特的游戏设备交易平台。

淘金时代小淘淘:  您如何看待当前的市场形势以及您的项目、元宇宙及其 NFT 发展的作用?你的未来愿景是什么?

翻译: what do you think about the current market situation and the role of your project, the meta-universe and with-it the NFT development ? Whats your future vision?

John mccarthy@blin: oh before i forget please make sure to join our TG community


翻译: 哦,在我介绍之前,请务必加入我们的 TG 社区


John mccarthy@blin: In today's market downwards trend, the combination of the metacosm and the NFT remains extremely hot.

翻译:  在今天的市场下行趋势中,Metacosm 和 NFT 的组合仍然非常火爆。

淘金时代小淘淘:  大家可以关注电报群


John mccarthy@blin: The curiosity and popularity of the metacosm is no less than the market's focus on blockchain and Token in 2017.

翻译: 元宇宙的好奇和热度不亚于2017年市场对区块链和Token的关注。

John mccarthy@blin: Unlike in the past, the metacosm may be the direction of consensus outside a few circles, the metascopic is not proposed by NFT or blockchain practitioners, this year's is still trendy for crypto.

翻译: 与以往不同的是, metacosm 可能是几个圈子之外共识的方向, metascopic 不是 NFT 或者区块链从业者提出的,今年的对于加密来说还是比较新潮的。

John mccarthy@blin: The company Tencent proposed the all-truth Internet and other digital twins are also developing the metacosm.

The well-known VC Matthew Ball has tried to explain what the metacosm really means: in the metacosm, there will be a real-time world that is always online, with an unlimited number of people involved at the same time.

翻译: 腾讯公司提出的全真相互联网和其他数字双胞胎也在开发元宇宙。

知名 VC Matthew Ball 曾试图解释 meta cosm 的真正含义:在 meta Cosm 中,会有一个永远在线的即时世界,同时参与的人数不受限制。

John mccarthy@blin: It will have a fully functioning economy, combining the physical and digital worlds.

翻译: 它将有一个充分运作的经济,结合物理和数字世界。

John mccarthy@blin: The vision of Blin Metaverse is to become a true metasmic infrastructure, and when the protocol gets online, any user and industry developer will be able to expand the Blin Metaverse ecosystem by becoming an Eco-builder in it.

翻译: Blin Metaverse 的愿景是成为一个真正的元界基础设施,当协议上线时,任何用户和行业开发者都可以通过成为其中的生态建设者来扩展 Blin Metaverse 生态系统。

John mccarthy@blin: They will be able to build a strong community consensus through modular incentives, to perfection the practice for the next generation with innovative block-chains that are empowering NFT-DeFi-Shares in the Internet industry.

翻译: 他们将能够通过模块化激励建立强大的社区共识,以创新的区块链为下一代完善实践,赋能互联网行业的 NFT-DeFi-Shares。

John mccarthy@blin: The Blin Metaverse Open Network will be the first pan-traffic platform to combine social elements with Defi innovation to empower custom benefits NFT to consolidate private domain traffic.

翻译:  Blin Metaverse Open Network 将成为首个将社交元素与 Defi 创新相结合的泛流量平台,赋能自定义收益 NFT 整合私域流量。

淘金时代小淘淘:  如何获得NFT并参与项目,用户将如何获得收益?

翻译:  How to obtain NFT’s and participate in the project, how will users get benefits?

@John McCarthy@Blin 

John mccarthy@blin:There are many forms of access to NFT, such as participating in our community activities, completing our contribution to the community, getting airdrops of NFT blind boxes, opening blind boxes, and getting rare NFT cards, and buying NFT cards through Blin Mteaverse's official website.

翻译:  NFT的获取方式有很多种,比如参与我们的社区活动,完成我们对社区的贡献,获得NFT盲盒空投,开启盲盒,获得稀有NFT卡,通过Blin Mteaverse官网购买NFT卡.

John mccarthy@blin: After obtaining the card, you can transfer the rights and interests through the NFT Store auction, and you can also obtain Blin by pledging NFT’s.

翻译: 获得卡后,可以通过NFT商城拍卖进行权益转让,也可以通过质押NFT的方式获得Blin。

John mccarthy@blin: In addition, users can also obtain Blin income through the pledge of mainstream assets and Blin-USDT Liquidity Pool.

翻译: 此外,用户还可以通过质押主流资产和Blin-USDT流动池获得Blin收益。

淘金时代小淘淘:  为什么项目放在BSC上? Blin Metaverse 的竞争优势是什么?

翻译: Why is the project placed on the BSC? What are the competitive advantages of the Blin Metaverse ?

John mccarthy@blin:  Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a decentralized public chain that enables smart contract compatibility on the basis of supporting high-performance transactions, greatly reducing the high fees and congestion thresholds for users to participate in DeFi on Ethereum, making it easy and user-friendly for both developers and users, so we chose to start on BSC and will soon complete version 2.0 deployment at ETH, FLOW, OEC.

翻译: 币安智能链(BSC)是一条去中心化公链,在支持高性能交易的基础上实现智能合约兼容,大大降低了用户在以太坊上参与DeFi的高额费用和拥堵门槛,使其变得简单易用对于开发者和用户,所以我们选择从 BSC 开始,很快将在 ETH、FLOW、OEC 完成 2.0 版部署。

John mccarthy@blin: Compared to traditional NFT projects, our strengths are as follows:

Social apps that match virtual social relationships. We use NFT’s as a cut entry to create web 3.0-based native NFT social applications. We make it possible to enable NFT creators to create new patterns of behavior and generate new economic models through products and socialization's.

翻译:  与传统的 NFT 项目相比,我们的优势如下:

匹配虚拟社交关系的社交应用。我们使用 NFT 作为切入点来创建基于 web 3.0的原生 NFT 社交应用。通过产品和社会化,我们可以使 NFT 创造者创造新的行为模式,产生新的经济模式

John mccarthy@blin:  Our activity organization tools in Metaverse:

By segmenting products, various IP groups can efficiently organize their activities and generate value. They can realize the organization, payment, statistical ranking and the live broadcast of the entire process.

翻译: 我们在 Metaverse 中的活动组织工具:

通过对产品进行细分,各个 IP 群体可以高效地组织活动,产生价值。他们可以实现组织、支付、统计排名以及全程直播

John mccarthy@blin: We created a protocol that helps creators interact with the community.

翻译: 我们创建了一个协议,帮助创作者与社区互动。

John mccarthy@blin:  The achievement protocol on the chain. Give more reasonable value to chain behavior. Enable users to gain more value rights through chain contributions.

翻译: 链上的成就协议。给连锁行为更合理的价值。使用户通过连锁贡献获得更多的价值权利。

John mccarthy@blin:  Interactive and immersive experiences. The problem of the interaction of the virtual world is particularly important in the "metacosm" world, which will directly affect the user's immersion experience, and only when the spiritual world is completely immersed, then our brains will have a sense of reality, which is more in line with the "metacosm" world that everyone wants.

翻译:  互动和身临其境的体验。虚拟世界的交互问题在“元宇宙”世界中尤为重要,它会直接影响到用户的沉浸体验,只有当精神世界完全沉浸时,我们的大脑才会有真实感,也就是更符合大家想要的“元宇宙”世界。

淘金时代小淘淘:  您计划在未来在元宇宙中开发哪些应用程序?

翻译:  What applications do you plan to develop in the future within the Metaverse ?

John mccarthy@blin: NFT is the futureas well as DEFI

Our vision about the future of the metacosm can be condensed into a formula, named Metaverse (metacosm)

翻译:  我们对于元宇宙的未来遐想可以浓缩到一个公式之中

John mccarthy@blin:  Create (Creative)

Play (Entertainment)

Display (Show)

Social (Social)

Trade (Trading)

翻译: Create (创造)+Play (娱乐)+Display (展示)+Social (社交)+Trade (交易)

John mccarthy@blin: These are the ultimate goals that our products will achieve, because of the current homogenization, fragmentation, siloing of all kinds of NFT Dapp, we build an NFT full-scene application ecosystem covering encrypted games, digital art, collectibles, virtual worlds, sports, physical asset digitization, etc., and will build a common developer agreement around infrastructure including DEX, NFT Store, liquidity work certificate, general certification incentive template, etc. To assist eco-developers to participate in ecological construction, and to explore with users the true meaning of the multi-element NFT metacosmic world, so that the metacosm and NFTFi can achieve true integration, to create a reality and meta-cosmic collider-level applications.

翻译: 这几点便是我们的产品所将实现的终极目标,因为目前各类NFT Dapp存在同质化、碎片化、孤岛化的困局,我们构建打造涵盖加密游戏、数字艺术作品、收藏品、虚拟世界、体育竞技、实物资产数字化等 NFT 全场景应用生态平台,并将围绕基础设施搭建包括DEX、NFT Store、流动性⼯作证明、通证激励模板化等通⽤开发者协议,协助生态开发者参与生态建设,与用户共同探索真正意义的多元素NFT元宇宙世界,使元宇宙与NFTFi能够实现真正融合,打造现实与元宇宙的对撞机级别应用。

淘金时代小淘淘:  Blin Metaverse的双币机制是如何工作的,NFT代币和Blin Tokens,它们的作用是什么?

翻译: How is Blin Metaverse’s dual coin mechanism working , NFT tokens and Blin Tokens , what are their different roles?

John McCarthy@Blin: First, the NFT token minted by the blin metaverse community is uniquely endowed with three attributes

翻译: 首先,由 blin metaversese 社区铸造的 NFT 令牌被唯一地赋予了三个属性

John McCarthy@Blin:   1) Collection attributes, all casted NFTs need to have the charm of digital artwork

翻译:  1)收藏属性,铸造的NFT都需要具有数字艺术品的魅力

John McCarthy@Blin:  2) The attributes of rights and interests.

翻译: 2 )权益属性。

John McCarthy@Blin:  The traditional Internet forging NFTs of each track need to have rights and economic values, which can represent some special rights and interests of Internet companies, so that users who hold NFTs can enjoy more convenience and are governed by DAO.

翻译:  传统的互联网锻NFTs每一个赛道都需要有权利和经济价值,这可以代表一些互联网公司的特殊权益,让用户谁持有NFTs可以享受更多的便利,并且受 DAO 管理。

John McCarthy@Blin: Ways to subvert the traditional Internet review and issuance mechanism. In turn, the community audits the company, making the company more open and free to be born for enthusiasts

翻译: 颠覆传统互联网审查和发布机制的方式。反过来,社区对公司进行审核,使得公司更加开放自由,为爱好者而生

John McCarthy@Blin:  3) Using attributes, Metaverse serves as a bridge linking virtual and reality.

翻译:  3 )利用属性, Metaverse 作为连接虚拟和现的桥梁。

John McCarthy@Blin: BLIN creatively proposes the characteristics of NFT using attributes. In the true sense, it explores the true value of the metaverse one step in advance.

翻译: BLIN创造性的提出NFT使用属性的特性,真正意义上提前一步探索元宇宙真正的价值,

John McCarthy@Blin:  Through the exploration of using attributes, the community and users can enjoy themselves in the virtual world.

翻译: 通过对使用属性的探索,社区和用户可以在虚拟世界中尽情享受

John McCarthy@Blin : Enough to meet all the needs of the real world, this is groundbreaking. BLIN calls it Metaverse 3.0~Broken Wall Project

翻译:  足以满足真世界的所有需求,这是开创性的。Bridgeline Digital 称之为 Metaverse 3.0~破壁计划

John McCarthy@Blin: The above is the function and value of NFT tokens.

翻译: 以上就是 NFT 令牌的作用和价值。

John McCarthy@Blin: BLIN is the homogenized token of Metaverse, which corresponds to the self-value of the platform.

翻译: BLIN是元宇宙的同质化代币,对应的是平台的自有价值,

John McCarthy@Blin:  As a decentralized community autonomous universe, blinmetaverse is jointly created by the co-builders of the universe. Therefore, BLIN is also controlled by community co-builders.

翻译: 作为一款去中心社区自治化宇宙,blinmetaverse是由宇宙共建者共同来创建的。因此BLIN也是由社区共建者掌握着产出权。

John McCarthy@Blin:  At the same time, Blin has the right to govern, and can make decisions about the development of the platform and the right to choose the shelves of various types of Internet companies' NFTs.

翻译: 同时,blin具有治理权,能够决策平台的发展与各类型互联网企业NFT的上架选择权。

John McCarthy@Blin:  The dual-currency mechanism achieves a closed-loop governance logic, completely strips off the control of the centralized link, and forms the NFT holders to control the output rights of BLIN, and the holders of BLIN make decisions about the listing of NFTs and the development direction of the universe.

翻译: 双币机制达到治理逻辑闭环,彻底剥离中心化环节的控制,形成NFT持有者掌控BLIN的产出权,BLIN的持有者决策NFT的上架与宇宙的发展方向。

淘金时代小淘淘:  目前blinmetaverse的进展如何?

翻译: How is the current progress of blindmetaverse?@John McCarthy@Blin 

John McCarthy@Blin :With the efforts of Blin Metaverse code contributors, the infrastructure has been perfected, BSC can be launched at any time and 100% open source.

翻译:  随着Blin Metaverse代码贡献者的努力,基础设施已经完善,可随时上线BSC并100%开源。

John McCarthy@Blin :  At the same time, many well-known traditional IPs in the world have contacted BLIN through the official website to reach strategic cooperation, including the world's largest museum, world-renowned historical and cultural inheritors, top chain game companies, and electronic cultural alliances.

翻译: 同时全球众多知名传统IP已经通过官网联系BLIN,达成战略合作的,包括全球最大的博物馆之一,全球知名历史文化传承者,顶尖链游公司,电音文化联盟等

John McCarthy@Blin:  In addition, we reached a strategic cooperation with BakerySwap in early September and jointly conducted dunhuang NFT Seckill campaign. It was exciting that dunhuang NFT was snapped up by users within a second once it was launched.

翻译: 另外,我们在9月初与BakerySwap达成了战略合作,并联合进行了敦煌NFT秒杀活动,令人激动的是敦煌NFT一经上线便在一秒内被用户抢购一空。

John McCarthy@Blin: We have also recently reached cooperation with Bounce Finance, DAOstarter, and EAX, and successfully conducted the first round of IDO.

翻译:  我们还在近期分别与Bounce Finance、DAOstarter、ERAX达成合作,并成功进行了首轮IDO。

John McCarthy@Blin : The ones that are being contacted with BLIN include leading American film and television and global luxury IP.

翻译: 正在与BLIN接洽的,包含美国龙头影视,全球奢侈品IP

John McCarthy@Blin: In terms of exchange cooperation, we have received strategic investment from Gate. IO Labs and will launch Gate Startup at 18:00 today.

翻译: 在交易所合作方面,我们目前已经得到了Gate.io Labs的战略投资,并于今天16:00首发上线 Gate Startup.

大家可以通过该链接进行参与 https://www.gate.tv/cn/startup/187

John McCarthy@Blin:   For specific IP, please follow Twitter. Every strategic partner will synchronize with the community as soon as possible.

翻译:  具体的IP请关注推特,每一个战略合作伙伴都将第一时间与社区同步。

John McCarthy@Blin:   Oh, this is a live video I did on Cointelegraph the other day. If you're interested, you can follow this link


翻译: 哦,对了。这是我前几天在Cointelegraph进行的视频直播,大家感兴趣可以通过此链接进行回看

John McCarthy@Blin:   You can follow our official account so that you can keep abreast of our latest developments.

John McCarthy@Blin ,[Twitter]: https://twitter.com/BlinMetaverse

[Telegram]: https://t.me/Blin_Metaverse

【Medium】: https://medium.com/@Blin_Metaverse

翻译: 大家可以关注我们的官方账号,便于及时了解我们的最新动态。

John McCarthy@Blin: Currently we have community activities aimed at users in progress. Everyone who participates will have the opportunity to receive NFT airdrop rewards.

翻译: 目前我们有针对用户的社区活动正在进行,大家参与即有机会获得NFT空投奖励。

淘金时代小淘淘:  今天的AMA到此结束,感谢John的分享,也期待Blin Metaverse在未来能给我们更多惊喜。对Gate Startup感兴趣的小伙伴可以通过这个链接:


翻译: That's all for today's AMA, thanks to John for sharing, and look forward to more surprises from Blin Metaverse in the future. Attention to interested friends can drop [Twitter 】 : https://twitter.com/BlinMetaverse participation Blin drop

John McCarthy@Blin:  Thanks, guys.